About Us

Sincubator is a cross-border business incubator that fosters its entrepreneurial vision by providing start-up companies with comprehensive business consulting, talent recruitment, staff training and other services. And help start-ups grow and accelerate their successful independent operations. It also provides related services to other enterprises. Sincubator’s goal is to create successful operate financially independently start-ups that can successfully graduate quickly from our incubation and acceleration programs. These enterprises will create new jobs, revitalize the community economy, commercialize new technologies, and create wealth for local and national economies.

Founded in 2013, Sincubator is committed to providing a comprehensive and systematic operational management service for Chinese companies to enter the North American market and North American companies to enter the Chinese market, building a creative and supportive cross-border business ecosystem for enterprises. We work closely with North American governments, chambers of commerce, institutes of accountants, and bar associations, and have successfully hatched business types since its inception: Internet technology, investment consulting management, cross-border e-commerce, trade logistics, immigration, study abroad, international education, real estate development, destination tourism and other fields.

Combined with many years of successful cross-border incubation operation management experience in North America, Sincubator joint Richway Group is currently responsible for Baidu, Dianping, Anjuke of China Internet companies in the North American market operation management. Sincubator has become one of the authoritative cross-border business incubation platforms in North America.

what we do

help with business basics

  • Assist in business planning, refining business concepts, etc.
  • Advertising, promotion, market research, marketing strategy, public relations support, etc.
  • Assist in accounting and financial management

equipment and technical support

  • Office space, Library, laboratories
  • High-speed Internet access, website services
  • Specialized equipment
  • Phone booth, E-commerce assistance

networking activities and training

  • Comprehensive Business training, human resources training, strategic management training
  • Linkages to mentors, advisory boards, strategic partners, education institutions
  • Networking events among like-minded entrepreneurs and members, venture capital companies, and angel investors


  • Linkages to business angels, venture capital companies
  • In-house investment funds
  • Help access customized investment programs
  • Help raise bank financing, grants, seed, and venture capital funds

what we value

Competent Management Team

Innovative Business Ideas

Viable Product/Technology

Strategic Network/Alliances

Scalable Market/Sector

unique niche/differentiation